Innovamedica provides a full range of urogynaecology products, based on innovative ideas and technology-advanced materials in compliance with the guidelines and  key principles of this complex surgical procedure.  Female stress urinary incontinence treatment, female pelvic floor reconstruction, by means of the new InGYNious patented system, and male urinary incontinence treatment by the new ATOMS system, represent the main specialties where the company provides pioneer solutions in the world market.

  • "INGYNIOUS"® system for single incision female pelvic floor reconstruction
  • Sistema per la ricostruzione del pavimento pelvico femminile tramite approccio laparoscopico "ENDOGYNIOUS"®

  • "ATOMS”® implantable and adjustable system for male urinary incontinence treatment
  • “I-STITCH”® minimally invasive system for positioning of sutures on deep suspension structures
  • "TOA/TVA"® adjustable system for female stress urinary incontinence treatment