Since its establishment, Innovamedica has always been operating also in the highly specialist sector of enteral nutrition by selling the product range of the well-known US company Ballard (later on purchased  by Kimberly Clark Health Care and now Halyard Health) which, with its MIC branded devices, is the leader in this sector. Among its flagship products we recall the MIC-KEY® “buttons”, the most well-known and widespread low-profile feeding tubes worldwide, transgastric-jejunal feeding tubes and the most recent and extremely innovative MIC percutaneous Introducer Kit.

  • PEG and accessories Kit for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy
  • MIC-KEY® low-profile gastrostomy feeding tubes
  • Gastrostomy feeding tubes
  • Double lumen transgastric-jejunal feeding tubes
  • MIC-KEY® low-profile transgastric-jejunal feeding tubes
  • Jejunal feeding tubes
  • Low-profile jejunal nutrition probes
  • Enteral feeding accessories
  • Connectors and accessories for feeding tubes
  • MIC/MIC-KEY® percutaneous introducer system

From September 2016, the range will be updated with medical devices with access Enfit
For more information download the pdf information.