Thanks to the collaborationwith partner Microtech, Innovamedica recently expanded its business inbronchial endoscopy, introducing not only the main accessories dedicated tothis segment like disposable forceps and cytology brushes, but also a premiumrange of self-expandable tracheobronchial metal prostheses. The Microtechprostheses actually have unique features (like for example, a Y stent, providedwith an exclusive dedicated insertion system), and are largely used bypneumologists and thoracic surgeons who consider them a real innovation in thefield of airway surgical endoscopy.

  • Self-expandable, fully coated, partially coated and uncoated tracheobronchial Nitinol prostheses.
  • Self-expandable, Y tracheobronchial Nitinol prostheses
  • Self-expandable, J tracheobronchial Nitinol prostheses
  • Custom design Nitinol Prostheses

  • Biopsy forceps (disposable and multi-use)
  • Foreign body removal forceps (multi-use)
  • Cleaning brushes (disposable)
  • Cytology brushes
  • Bronchial cytology brushes
  • Guide wires